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How do I submit my confession?

You can submit your confession here! To do so, you need to have an XConfessions account. You don't need to have a subscription though. Go ahead! We can't wait to read your fantasies.

Is it better if I send my confession via email?

Please don't! Everyone should follow the same rules and have the same opportunities, so please use the confess form.

I’ve already sent my confession but I can’t see it published!

We receive a lot of confessions every day, and we moderate and illustrate them one by one. Not all submissions are posted. If your confession is not online one of these things might be happening:

a) We haven't had the time to moderate it.
b) The content is not suitable.
c) the content is illegal.

Please remember that we are not an erotic fiction site. We want your real fantasies and confessions!

What do I have to do for Erika to pick my confession?

She picks the ones she likes the most, it’s as simple as that. But here are a few tips: Make sure that it is realistic in terms of production (we won’t be able to shoot at the Taj Mahal, for example). We need diversity in the stories we tell: different locations, characters, tones and situations. So be original. We make 52 films a year, which is a lot so we don’t want you to get bored!

What happens if Erika picks my confession?

Erika will shoot an erotic short film inspired by your story. We will contact you with the email address you provided (one of the many reasons why you should register with a REAL email address), and in reward for your collaboration, you could receive free short films or XConfessions items chosen by Erika!

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